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All Comments

If a young teen wants to be nude in there house is it wrong to alow that teen to do so y or y not ?
If so shoUld it have rules and limets and what r thoses rules and limits
If they are by themselves then it really doesn't matter if they are nude or not but if other people are around then they shouldn't be.
What nude beach has the most young people there?
Most nude beaches only have old people & barely any young people.
By young people I mean guys, teens, & young adults.
Which nude beach/resort in America has the most young people?
You're after the guys aren't you?!
Which nude beach has the most young people?
By young people I mean guys/teens/young adults.
Most nude beaches only have old people & barely any young people.
I am 16 btw & I would like to know which nude beach I should go to.
Yes I do wanna see naked girls. If I could see just 1 decent girl naked that would make my day.

So which nude beach/resort has the most young people & least old people?
95% of people at nude beaches are old, like over 50. Sorry to rain on your parade. The most nude beaches are in Europe.
How Do Beautiful Young / Teen Girls Lured in To Pornographics Industry ?
I have seen on some online sites - there are this beautiful young girls / teens who are so gorgeous that they even can try for movie biz or enter a beauty pageant contest but instead posting nude or acting in videos doing disgusting acts.

I am confidence that these girls or teens must be either lured systematically by some syndicates or forced / threaten/ blackmail by someone in to doing such work. - ?

I don't know but I cant accept that they want pictured or photographed doing or acting those stuffs only for some money.

Obviously these girls are not living in Ethiopia to be so deprived financially until choiceless life get them there or they are too young to be claimed that they might need so much money coz its not tat they are committed or obligated in family life until they have to sell them or do those stuffs to buy bread for their loved ones.

My question is - HOW did those porn industries get these girls in to this business - what they said what they did to lure them - how
Lack of a loving father is the number one reason for prostitution...I can well imagine it is the same thing here.
Is taking nude pictures a normal thing for teen girls?
A certain Disney actress's nude pictures were leaked again and a lot of people are excusing it as 'a normal thing' and 'most teen girls do it,' but I don't take nude pics and neither do my friends or other girls I know. I'm just curious, is it really a normal occurance? Did you guys take nude pics when you were younger?
NO. I would never take a nude picture of myself, let alone give it to someone else. I have more respect for myself, and I completely disagree about it being a 'normal' thing teen girls do. I would like to hope that at least SOME teen girls have more respect for themselves and don't take degrading pictures of themselves...and I don't think their are any excuses to take these pictures and girls who do things like that shouldn't be offended when they are label ed easy, or a whore, or slutty.
Don't you think it's a bit drastic this teen got arrested for posting nude photos of HERSELF?
Here's the article.…
It is disturbing how many teens and young ones at that are takign nude photos of themselves and posting them on the internet or sending them to friends. It's almost like not a big deal. What's wrong with our society? I don't think this girl should be arrested though and charged with guy pornography and possibly have a SEX OFFENDER RECORD! That's outrageous. She's only 14. A 18 year-old girl can post all the nude photos she wants of herself on the internet and it's fine. If anything, this girl needs counseling. She obviously has some self-esteem issues and didn't think about the consequences of posting these pictures. Now if someone over 18 had taken the pics. then yes, they should get arrested. She took them herself though. I'm sure she didn't even know that it was illegal. I think they should just make a law that guys under 18 can NOT take nude photos of themselves (even on a camera phone) and the penality should not be jail. It could be community service (as a detterant) and definitely required counseling. However, they shouldn't even be handcuffed. They should be issued a ticket and told they have to go to court in which time the judge will decide if the youth needs community service and counseling or just counseling. And all schools starting from like fifth graders should have a police officer and/or a counsler come in and talk to ALL students about that taking these photos is ILLEGAL not just not a good idea. I feel bad for this girl. I'm sure she has some major issues and she must be scared to death thinking she could go to jail! THIS IS SO SAD!
Yes, it is absolutely absurd. However, I live in the state of New Jersey and can tell you that only HERE IN THIS HELLHOLE would they enforce something like that on a guy. If ANYBODY is responsible for that happening it is the parents who did not raise their guy to have self respect. Yes the guy did something wrong but I cannot even see who this falls under guy porn statutes when it was of herself...her own body and she was not selling it but merely sharing her photos with friends. Her lawyer will get this thrown out of court and NJ will have egg on their faces for harming a 14 year old and we idiots who are stupid enough to live in NJ will look all the worse
Are most of the nude teen/emo self pics out there legal.?
do you think that all those girls/teens that post or have nude and or topless pictures "stolen" and posted online are legal? i have often wondered if all the teen girls that take self pics or self videos of themselves for whatever reason are actually 18+?? when you see some of the pictures and or videos of these teens that they have taken for whatever reason and then posted by themselves, or someone else, some of the teens look a lot younger then 18. if that's the case, isn't that sorta guy porn, and illegal?? even if the websites and such have the disclaimer saying everyone portrayed is 18+? and that could get the people posing and posting in a lot of trouble couldn't it? not that i put nude pics of my self online, i'm just wondering.
If they're under 18, they can be charged with distributing guy pornography.
Same goes for those who send nude pictures to friends, if the person in the picture is under 18, even if they are the one to send it to a friend, they're distributing guy pornography and can be arrested.
None nude/teen/pre teen models illegal to look at in canada?
What are the laws on looking at NONE NUDE TEEN/PRETEEN models in canada is it illegal to look at , if you dont know about them theyre girls younger than 18 dressed in bikkinis only serious answers plz , i just dont want the fbi showing up to my door so i want to know is it legal or illegal
If you can see it on a public beach then it's not illegal.
Topless and nude teen girls wrong or right ?
hi everyone
I downloaded imesh a few weeks ago to download some new music to my surprise i was being hit on by young girls from the age 13 yrs to 17 yrs most of them had pictures of themselves in knickers and bra some had nude pics up ........CRAZY
My question is this why do young girls of that age range think its a good idea to have pictures of there body either naked or in just underwear ??????? i dont understand
i have now uninstalled imesh from my computer as i don't wish to see young naked girls any more
This is really an advertisement for iMesh, isn't it?

Like "Ohhh be careful, if you download that, young naked girls will hit on you!!"

[thousands of guys rush off to install it.]

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