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Why do most people like japan?
first of all whats so great about japan that u wanna go live their? the young school girls or food? do u have a reason
I generally think Anime and Games/electronic have a lot to do with it. I mean, that's how most people actually know about Japan. But then again, I think culture is also one aspect, although it's a shame people don't know Japanese culture was extremely influenced by the Chinese.
Pedophilia accepted in Japan?
Someone recently told me that im japan, it would be ok for a young girl under the age of 16 to go out with men over 20 and older? Is this true? Do japan look past pedophilia completely? It wouldnt surprise me considering the country's obsession with school girls in manga and porn with 14/15 year old cartoon characters.
It is not something that is "normal" , it is also against the law.

It is one of those quirks where only a very few minors got caught doing it, and where the western media once again picked up on and blew it way out of proportion.

Don't be confused about what people might see in the media as to "real world" items. The porn cartoon/manga is another item picked up and OVERBLOWN by the western media, most Japanese people don't watch it or even like it.

It is like Americans like watching action movies and TV shows where things get blown up and people getting killed.
That doesn't mean the American public "like it" or "approve" when real people go out and kill in real life does it?
Why have the Japanese become so insensitive to their old culture?
I know the age of consent in Japan is 12, but why do they go for so young girls, have weird fetishes, sell school girls panties in vending machines? Is this just part of the domino effect after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Let me get this correct, it is not only the Japanese but other culture as well. It a fetish and all human beings, a very curious creature in this planet would be drawn to such actions. Europeans are into it as well but most of the time, they and the others do it quietly and don't dare to show it in public.
But the Japanese do it out in the open where the public can see it clearly. Take for instance the red light district in Amsterdam, they displayed it in public for all to see while in the US, we don't.
In fact, the sexual crime rate in Japan is very much lower as compared to the US and Europe. If you are not into this type of fetish, you don't have to participate in it.
A question about culture and gender and the aftermath of war. Will you answer my question?
Why have the Japanese become so insensitive to their old culture?
I know the age of consent in Japan is 12, but why do they go for so young girls, have weird fetishes, sell school girls panties in vending machines? Is this just part of the domino effect after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What has become of the Japanese and why such a drastic change ?
Please forgive me if I'm wrong but in my effort to determine if indeed the AOC is truly twelve, I've heard that this refers only to the age of when youngsters are able to consent to sex between each other; it doesn't refer to the age at which adults can be with little guyren, but I could be wrong in which case please disregard my suggestion.
Should I dump my boyfriend?
This is probably the most stupid question in the universe because of what I'm about to tell you, but please humor me nicely, and take in to consideration that I'm in love with this guy.

I've been with this guy for 7 months, he has asked me to shave everything below the waist off.
I didn't do it, & found his request odd.
I've considered that he might have a fantasy of guy molestation. (not on sexual predator list)
I over looked this because I was a virgin before him & I don't know if you can like a clean shaven woman without being a guy molester.

But I recently loaned him my laptop and I was browsing through the history
I found he googled little girls and googled sexy pokemon a minute before, then a half an hour before young girls and sexy school girls, sexy naruto cosplay, and sexy japan girls.

This was around 6 pm, He has told me that a friend of his that we hang out with has a Japanese woman fetish, & we would have been hanging out around him at that time.
By the way my boyfriend acts around his friends, he may have the same fetish.(but then I have no idea why he's attracted to me)
This may have been a time we were hanging out with him & I let him get on my computer. But it doesn't look likely.

About the shaving, I've kept myself trimmed, but last week it was bothering me so I took it all off. Meanwhile aunt flow has visited. We both knew we couldn't do anything, but I showed him anyway. Now he can't keep his hands off me.

I'm so scared for my future guys if I'm with him. At the same time I love him so much, he's such a great guy other than this!
He even apologizes because 'he wants me so bad', doesn't force me to do anything I don't want to. Complements me. Does things for me. Doesn't look at other girls. Always wants to know what I'm thinking. He always puts me first.
One time we were walking around town and there was suspicious car, he put himself between the road and me, to protect me. Same with a car that was swerving when coming down the road.

Sorry this is so long, I really want to be sure you have all the details.
Honestly sounds like he is a normal guy. I think he has a catholic school girl and possible Asian fetish, but i wouldn't be worried about it. As far as the shaving thing goes, i for one do it because i like the thought of being clean down there, and 2 i am bi and i have asked my gfs to shave clean because im grossed out by the facts that pubic hair hold bacteria down there and well its just gross with all the facts considered. Anyways, he sounds like a nice guy with very normal fetishes, i do not see the guy molesting as a possibility at all. good luck
How should I aim to look for when I go to Japan?
I am going to Japan in 5 months with my school, and it is really important to me that my Japanese host family approve of my looks and not think I'm gross or anything. What do they think is beautiful in a young girl?
Go as you are. Very difficult to change your looks without plastic surgery and healing time could be pushing it with only 5 months.

Really, just be yourself.
A question about Japan?
what percentage of Japanese men have a young school girl fetish?
isn't lolicon and shotacon just cartoon guy pronrograpfy? it's illegal in America and the majority of Japanese men are into it.

any thoughts?
I'd say... 70% FROM my experience of living there and listening to their news about pedophiles, perverts, guynapping and guy pornography..
How come in Japan they have virtual rape games and...?
are obessed with young girls? Their culture is alot about kawaii and cute little girls in high school uniforms. They are aparently places where you can buy this stuff (hentai, virtual rape, sex game) in regular shops, even in vending machines.…
There have been several people who over the years have tried to answer this question. Try reading "the pink Samurai" which delves into Japans sexual customs ( a bit dated though). You could probably write a lengthy book on this question but if you had to answer in a few sentences:
1.Men in Japan are regarded as superior to women.
2.Many men in Japan have "lolita complexes" which idolize young school girls.
3.Because the media is controlled by men and there is a huge market for the stuff, it just keeps going.
4.Sadly, despite what happens to these girls and the recent spate of murders of young girls, women in Japan just dont get angry enough to make major protests and get the government to clean up society.
5.Most of the changes in Japans "adult laws" have been made due to western pressure.

I've lived here for 15 years and believe me, after a while the stuff just makes you sick...whats worse is that no one does anything about it.
What is this manga called?
It's about a young high school girl in Japan thats transported to another world. The girl is saved buta young man, neither of them are able to communicate well, because they don't know each others language. The Man saves her from monster that want to eat her. In the end the two characters fall in love.
Kanata Kara (From far away)…

Are Japan and S.Korea xenophobic countries?
Here's the thing.I am 15(yes. was my birthday :P)and we are planning with my best friends to come to Japan and Korea after finishing high School when we're 18.We are good financially,but i dont know could 5.000$ be enough for 2 weeks at both countires..? Anyway.....My REAl problem is xenophobia,I mean comon 3 young girls being pissed off just cause being Europeans,??Albanians actually...So could we be safe there ??
No they aren't that xenophobic to the extreme but they will think you are interesting.

and Miss Mae doesn't know what she's talaking about, that's NORTH korea, not S.Korea. But i mean you can't blame her, she even puts "I am not religious at all I am devoutly devoted to the faith in God" on her profile which sounded pretty selfish.

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