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All Comments

Men: what do you think you would do if your mistress threatens to tell your?
wife what you have been up to with her? What about if she threatens to tell your teen aged guys?
I think cheaters should think about that before they engage in such low-life pathetic behaviour. I have no sympathy and think they deserve everything they get.

Urgh, why do people of certain character have monogamous relationships. Why not just be honest and say you want an open relationship/polyamory?
Vick Goes to Jail Over a Dog. Did Kerry Go to Jail for Shooting an Unarmed Teen Boy in the Back in Nam?
Did Ted go to jail for drowning his mistress?

Did Bill go to jail for supposedly raping and molesting females?

Did Byrd burn crosses and go to jail?
It wasnt "a dog" it was several. And he should go to jail. Just because some get away with some things doesnt mean everybody should get away with everything. If you care about justice, re-direct your energy to making sure that all guilty people get punished as opposed to all guilty people going free.
Why did older white men like to sleep with black teen slave girls... Even President Jefferson ?
slept with his 14 yr old slave , sally hemmings, and they had 3 guyren together
apparently it was really common for white men to have younger black mistresses
why did they like us so much?
is it because we were young and virgin ?? and didn't have wrinkles like their 40 yr old wife?
For some reason, very young girls (like teenage or maybe even younger) appeal to white men. I do not know why exactly this is. Maybe because their bodies are young, fresh & slender (as opposed to their saggy, shapeless, middle-aged wives).
What are the most common reason for an abortion?
Married men pressuring their mistress get one?

Married women needing to get one to prevent discovery of affair?

Teen women not using birth control?

Teen boys not having birth control with them when the occasion "arises"? LOL

Or other ideas!
This list is probably in order of reasons gave.

* Birth control (contraceptive) failure. Over half of all women who have an abortion used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant.

* Inability to support or care for a guy.

* To end an unwanted pregnancy.

* To prevent the birth of a guy with birth defects or severe medical problems.

* Pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. Less than 1.5% of all pregnancies

* Physical or conditions that endanger the woman's health if the pregnancy is continued.
Peyton Place-esque problem! So, hubby's ex mistress's brother died today and hubby and brother had a solid?
business relationship-friendship (he never supported sister being mistress to hubby).
A. Wife go with hubby, even though she will be there (they were estranged from late brother, but she will be there to give the town something to talk about)?
B. Should wife allow teen son to go with hubby to the wake?
C. Should hubby go, pay respects to friend's widow and leave?

Let me clarify this woman is The Mother of all skanks (trust me, fake pregnangy? Check. Seduced hubby into signing paternity papers to a son who is not his? Check. Squeezes every cent she can out of hubby? Check) . What to do? Not attending is out of the question.
1- hubby is guilty because he is married should never had a mistress
2- stop blaming the mistress blame the hubby for wife hurt or town talking (he is the one that was out of place)
3 who cares if the town talk
4-wife and son showing up whit hubby will show class and reinforce the proff that the mistress does not matter
6- at the end the only thing people can say is what a classy woman
she put the need of other before her (but deep down inside you did it for you)
Why did older white men like to sleep with black teen slave girls?
Apparently in the olden days, many white men had black mistress who were like 15 yr olds. That is a little disturbing. Like Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.... She was 15 when she had her first guy by him (he was 48 btw). And Sally herself was biracial because her mother was the 14 year old black mistress of Thomas Jefferson's Father in Law.. So she was actually the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson's wife. And then theres all those plantation stories about how it was a rite of passage for female slaves to be deflowered by their white master. Why did white men like sleeping with black teen slave girls?
wow im pretty sure you don't have an accurate account of what happened back then. Thats pretty sick and a lot of bad things happened during those time! But I don't know if you can accurately state it.
Mistress is the best!!!?
Well to be honest with you my Mistress has been with me for about 4 yrs now. Gosh I swear she is the best woman I have ever met. Only problem is that my wife cant measure up to her. My mistress can run circles around her, Mistress L know me inside and out. We are in love and Im just sick and tired of creeping around places to meet. I just want to leave the wife but we have a couple of guys together they are teens now but arent workin full time yet. Yes she lives close by and the wife know of her presents in the nhood. The mistress say she'll do anything to make me happy including making love with other sex partners. She was married to a singer before but admits she has never swung. Anyways I just wondering if anyone has been in my shoes and how did your situation turn out>?
I pity your family about this.... If u dont care about ur wife, just think about what ur guys will gonna say?
Mistress Mystery ? Can you figure out?
my friends husband is with this girl who was his teen age gf. He was in jail and could not return home so he moved in with the ex gf and another guy. He now wants to get a new place and wants to be back with wife and says his relationship to this girl is strictly friendship and the girl says that too.

However we heard and saw otherwise. Why would this woman say she is just his friend ?
Seems pretty obvious to me ,they are as they say just friends. He does not love her and she helped him out that is all, hes been inside and needed some where to stay and there's a guy there too. if you saw them at it then it was a thank you root or what ever just because they were teenage gf/bf dont mean mistress.
What to do about my husband and his mistress?
My husband and I have been married for 19 years and have a teen daughter. His affair has lasted 3 years, they lived together but she has moved out. It has been an on again off again battle for us the entire time. He has family ties with us that he is unwilling to severe. I have been patient with him and have been waiting for him to come home.

I am ready to move on with my life one way or another, so I gave my husband an ultimatium...either he dumps his girlfriend for good; or we get a divorce. He says he needs time to really think this through. He said that he has told me one thing and then changed his mind, so he really needs to think about it before giving me an answer. I can't believe that after everything, he can't just decide to dump the girlfriend. He has been spending a lot of time with us as a family recently, but I know she is still in her life. Why is it so hard? When will he decide? I believe in our marriage, so I can't just give up until he's ready.
What you have been doing is NOT working.

Time for a plan B.

Stop asking him to come home. Lay down the law and stick
to it. That until he stops the affair and ends all contact with the other woman, you will have to withdraw from him. No coming home and getting all his 'needs' met regarding having contact with you and his family. You are meeting those emotional needs, while still allowing him to have his fun with the other woman. Guess he needs to see what a divorce will mean! That you love him and are willing to work on rebuilding the marriage, but this current situation is just to painful and unfair to you.

Tell him you will give him a set timeframe to get this completed, as most likely, it will not set in until he gets to the deadline. Lets say less than 3 months. Then, stop calling, he talks about the guys through a third party. You don't provide for him, nothing, no laundry, meals or whatever! You've allowed him to meet his needs to have his family, he has no real reason to give up the other. He is the cakeman at this point.

He is dragging his heals because so far, he has no real consequences. He thinks you will just continue to allow him to play his game. Let him know that you are seeing an attorney about protecting your rights and assets. That at the end of your period of withdrawal and he doesn't end the affair so he can come home, then you will file.

Some wayward spouses really need to see themselves losing the family before they wake up and make that decision.

One way or the other, you will find out what he is going to do. If he doesn't meet your demands, then you will have started the withdrawal process for yourself. You can't hang on like this forever, and so far, what you have been doing is not working.

You have taken the early steps by admitting to your self indulgent behaviors and starting to be honest with your wife.

Now, the long hard road of recovery and rebuilding trust begins. You made the choice to destroy that trust. It wasn't the other woman's fault, but yours. So, for now, you will have to do whatever is necessary to rebuild that trust. You will live under the microscope for sometime. You will have to be totally honest, compassionate honesty with your wife. She may feel the need to ask lots of questions. Just answer them, but do not blame her in anyway or make comparisons. You need to be transparent, be accountable for your time, give her free access to all forms of communication you may have. Now is not the time for privacy. She has no reason to believe your words. It will take time and lots of it for her to rebuild that trust. Be patient, as she will have lots of ups and downs emotionally. There is no quick fix, so be prepared for the next year or two to have many a difficult period.

Marriages can and do survive this, but it will take lots of effort from both of you. She can trust you again, but you will earn it slowly. She will see you doing the right thing over and over again, until she just doesn't feel the need to look anymore.

If you haven't already, go in for complete STD testing, regardless of whatever protect you did or didn't use.
This is for your wife's peace of mind.

A few good books:
“Surviving an affair” by Dr. W. Harley. He deals with the ongoing affair.

"Not Just Friends" by S. Glass. Very good book.

“After the Affair” by Springs

A yahoo group that has many helpful articles and links in FILES. Not a good support board, not very active. But, loads of stuff in files. Simple to join.


A few other helpful sites:

Look for his plan A/plan B


A few good support forums for those dealing with infidelity. Lots of helpful people who have been through this trauma.


check their 'healing library for an article on the 180.

An ebook written for the wayward spouse to help them understand what they need to do to rebuild from the damage they created:


Some marriage weekend programs:
Please read my teen story?
Im thirteen and I like to write :) I've had this saved in my computer for a while, its the only story i've ever finished. I am never going to publish it, or have anyone else read it, I just enjoy writing them. Comments would be nice, please help me with how I could improve also.

I leaned against the desk, with my hand against my head. My headphones were stuck down my blazer sleeve and out of the bottom into my hand, and I rested my hand onto my head, so I could hear The Black Eyed Peas. I was just wondering to myself what to do after school tonight. The mall with Nicola, maybe?

'Carter.' Mr Cunningham said. I glanced up. Was he speaking to me? Well obviously, there's not that many Carters in the class (please note sarcasm).
'Sorry?' I asked. He was speaking to me, and now the whole class was looking at me. Fabulous.
'Can you answer the question, Miss Williams?' He asked me. I tried to remember what he had been talking about. I couldn't remember anything he had said all lesson to be honest. Crap!
'To get to the other side?' I joked.

Joking seemed the simplest way out of it, and at least I wouldn't look as stupid as admitting I wasn't listening. The class sniggered.
'Go to the principle's office! Now!' He yelled. There was no need to go crazy, I probably hadn't missed much, another life story, maybe. I smiled sarcastically, and pulled my bag over my shoulder. I threw the chair underneath the desk, and pulled open the door. `
'Laters!' I laughed. I walked out, and headed down the corridor. I pressed the button beside the door, and the reception woman let me in. She scowled at me as I walked past. I pulled a funny face, just to see her reaction. Priceless. She looked at me, disgraced, then got back to her work. I knocked on Mrs. Morley's door (the head mistress), and she rolled her eyes. I opened the door, and stepped in casually. She looked at me, and I walked over to my usual seat in her office.
'Carter. What a lovely surprise, I haven't seen you since second lesson' She said sarcastically. 'This is getting out of control, Carter, do you understand?'
'Take your headphone out, for goodness sake! That's it, I'm calling your mother.' Mrs. Morley picked up the phone.
'No! Please don't. She's busy, she's got too much to cope with right now, with work and the wedding.' I said. Mum was the most important person in my life. She had been so stressed out lately, having a hard time at work. She's the manager of a shop,
Lovely Lady's. It's a cosmetics shop, it's huge. I'm talking the size of ASDA or TESCO, filled with make-up. Mum's been having some problems with her workers and such. And then there's the wedding. The wedding to Trev. Trev's my (almost) step-dad.

Please don't be too mean, :)

Thankyou :D
That was better than I expected it would be :) For being only thirteen you write really well. Keep it up and great job!!!

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