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What are the Teen Amateur Boxing rules or what website can i find them at?
ok so im 14 and i've been boxing for the last year and im going to be competing in golden gloves March. 26th and i just wanted to be aware of the rules and regulations for teen boxing so if you could be so kind to give me a website on were i could find a full list of the rules and regulations that would be really helping me out... thanks a ton and look for me out in the amateur boxing world
What are some good contests for amateur teen photographers?
I'm new to photography but I'm pretty interested in it and developing my technique. Just wondering if there were any competitions for new photographers or such?
i love photography. look at magazines that have lots of photos and see about submiting to them. we get an agricultural one b/c my dads a farmer and they had a contest on "guys" and i actually one and got my picture on the front cover. i was so suprised, i'm only 19 and have had my pic on a magazine. yeah..so just look around and keep your eyes open-you never know when you'll find an interesting contest. also check out ones online, they can be fun too.
Any teen amateur MMA tournaments i can enter?
I'm 13, 5'6 about 112 pounds , Very strong, Self training for a year, and I can say, I have a great Ju Jitsu game, Great Striking, Deadly leg kicks, and some wrestling.. any tournaments that arent bloodly like UFC I can enter?
Try hitting the gym and working hard to master your game until you're about 18. By then you're muscles will have developed much more. 13 is just too young and 112 is too small, but if you train for a few more years you should bulk up (puberty will give you some nice surprises hopefully) and be able to seriously start fighting.

Also, you may be good with your self-training, but going to the gym and training with a coach and other fighters will help you like you won't even believe. Sometimes you may have holes in your game or may be doing a punch or kick improperly, but by training with someone else you can correct those problems and you'll become that much better.

Keep up the hard work and in a few years you'll be ready to go.
For what reason they decide to do modeling for teen photography sites?
I'm not talking about worthless pornstars or professional supermodels or porn amateurs. I'm talking about beautiful models of teen photography sites such as Met-Art, Femjoy, Hegre-Art and Domai. These girls are really beautiful (photoshopping is not the case) and look innocent. So is there any horrible fact behind this type of modeling? For what reason these girls decide to do modeling for these sites?

- JUST for Money? How much?
- Because they really want? (as site owners claim)
- They are forced to do that for any reason?
Why should there be any "horrible fact" behind them modelling??

A lot of these models do it because they enjoy it and don't have any hang ups about nudity and showing their bodies - the money obviously helps but the pay is not great.
What do i need to become an amateur boxer as a teen girl?
I Am 14 and i currently play softball but its not what i really want to play anymore so i was looking for something else and came across boxing! i am excited because i feel that if i start boxing then it will help me get in shape and help my self confidence, is this true? also i have no idea what i would need so any tips would help! like i said i am COMPLETELY clueless! please help :)
Yes you will get in great shape boxing, and boost your self confidence because you will know how to fight, and everything you need to know will be taught to you in a gym like how to hit, learn your jabs, hooke, uppercuts, and haymakers, improve your speed and power, and defenitly lift weights, run, and go to a boxing gym to learn everything you need to know, get a punching bag, a speed bag, a reflex bag, and alot of other boxing equipment like gloves, hand wraps, a mouthguard headguard, medicine ball, boxing mitts, etc, and go to the gym to learn what everything is and how to use them.
A amateur teen website where i can post my poetry...?
Does anyone know a website where i can post/submit my poetry for free and get constructive criticism from other teens?
Let me know,
Try this
How many teen weightlifters actually use steroids?
Either amateur weightlifting as a hobby, or for basketball or football, or professional teen bodybuilding. How many teens actually use steroids?
ALL Of them doo.
How many teen weightlifters use steroids?
Either amateur weightlifters or as a hobby, or for sports such as wrestling, basketball, football, or even professional teen bodybuilding? How many teens actually use steroids to help them lift weights or become competitive for sports?

Also are there any statistics online that show the numbers.
I dont think there are any accurate Statistics
And maybe some use Steriods, i dont think alot of people would do that though unless you [[needed]] it for Sports
Some good ideas for a teen romance story?
I want to write a book, a teen romance book. I wanted to make it about a really pretty girl, and a guy that every girl wants and every guy fears because he's a amateur fighter. But, I'm not really sure what the problem should be and what would make a good story out of it. Any help?
The character match is too...matchy. Still, at least it's not the totally cliche version with your storyline and then the geeky new girl comes along and it all goes ar*e up from there. But do mix up the personalitites a little bit, have one of them popular but the other a little more "misunderstood". By which I mean a drug/drink addict, a stripper, or the guy of one at least, seeing as it's a teen romance.

But then I also like the idea of one of them telling it first person. So many story narrators these days are the uncool, unpopular girl who STILL gets everything and is sooooo perfect etc etc. Having a popular person narrating lets us into the mind of the "other side". The problem could be something real big, like one of them has a life threatening illness and they only have so much time left....just a thought. Good luck!
Can I still be a photography major and not know much about a camera?
Ok so I am a pretty good teen amateur photographer according to my friends and family and I have a decent camera, I just know nothing about a camera, I would love to have my own business in photography I can take excellent pictures though. But I don't know if I could get a photography minor or even a major without knowing that kind of stuff. I'm a junior in high school and I really need to start looking at colleges. Anyone have any tips?
If you are putting everything on automatic and getting good pictures you are just lucky. To be able to repeat what you have done and to be able to put out good results under various conditions are the requirements of a professional photographer. In order to do that, you must understand your camera. Can you imagine saying to a bride , "I can't shoot your wedding today because the light isn't what I need."?

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