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Peeing your pants in public?
So has anyone ever peed their pants in a store, like michaels before....b/c i dont know what to do, will they test the puddle i left in the flower aisle? im really scared!
lol no I cant say I've done that one
I doubt they will test the puddle...that kind of testing is very expensive and saved for murder big crime kinds of things.
So unless you had an accendent while killing everyone at the store, nothing is going to happen. Some poor clerk is going to have to clean it up and thats about it
Would you rather pee your pants in public or pee and poop your pants in private?
and have to wear the clothes you had on all day
What are you 8?
What do I do when my worst enemy Grandma Shell pees her pants in public?
Well, you see, Grandma Shell is a very mean elderly woman, she contributed to my mother's depression, and right now we are at a dinner party and she just peed her pants...
She came to the party with you, so right now it looks like your responsible for her. get her clothes to change into and take her home. Get her out of there as fast as you can so she doesn't make a crowd and embarrass you more. Good Luck!!!
How much would someone have to pay you to pee your pants in public, on the spot.?
Say you were at the mall for example and someone was willing to pay you to pee in your pants for an amount of money, what would be the lowest amount you would consider? Factor in that this would be recorded and used on a humor website.
I would never do that.

My dignity is worth more than any amount of money!
Is it better to pee in my pants or pee in public?
So I was walking down Union St. at Ohio University and I had to pee. I was worried that I could be arrested so instead of finding a bush or a tree or just walk into a restaurant to pee. I just peed my pants.. did I make the right choice?
of course.............not
why the hell would u pee ur pants when u could've gone in the restaurant. now u have to walk around in piss soaked pants looking like an idiot
Help! I keep peeing my pants on the public transit bus............?
I have a problem. I drink gallons of water and then where black pants, and pee my pants on the bus. Then I move to another seat and watch somebody sit in it.

Have you ever done this? How did you stop?
try switching to gatorade or maybe try wearing white pants
Have you ever peed your pants in public?
I am curious how many people have had this happen to them, I'm pregnant and I was at work and I sneezed and pissed myself lol. Pretty embarrassing...
Yes when i was little i did actually lmao
i put a jacket around my waist to cover it loool ♥

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