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Embarrassing pants wetting stories?
It has to be age 7 up
I was 14 and my Dad and me were out driving, on our way home I had to pee, he stops at some convenience store and gives me for the keys to the house. It was only 200m away probably, I sprinted as fast as I could... I get to my door... AND... I fumble with the keys to much and couldn't open the door, I peed on the spot as my Dad walks in ALONG w/ my neighbours... >.<
Embarrassing pants wetting stories...?
Woooo. I'm so bored.
i joined in a new school while i was doing my fourth grade and that was the first day. i was in a hurry to pee, but i couldnt find the loo anywhere in that school. trust me, i controlled my pee for the whole day and it was the last class of that day, suddenly the teacher asked me to introduce myself in front of the whole class, as i was new there. i marched reluctantly to the front of the class and i started introducing myself. i was totally nervous as i knew no one there and all of a sudden i started peeing in my trousers in front of everyone. its really hard to control peeing in the middle, but i did. but still, its of no use. when my teacher came near me to see what exactly happened, i was so scared and peed the remaining half.... that was so embarrassing, but the whole class remembers me and the event, even today...
Anyone have embarassing stories about wetting their pants?
I was on the bus coming home from the mall with my friend, and we were laughing to hard. She peed in her pants and got so embarrassed. Nothing like this ever happens to me so I didn't know what to say to make her feel better.
Anyone have anything that's worse then this?
Greatly appreciated :)
oh my god ok i don't have like a problem but i have one friend who just always makes me laugh *SO* hard that i pee my pants like it has happened so much it doesn't even seem awkward and she is USED to it! How sad is that right?

uh one time we were on a school trip to an amusement park
and i was with the guy i liked
and my friend was behind him and she was like reminding me of REALLY funny stuff so i *PISSED MY PANTS IN FRONT OF THE GUY I LIKED* it was HORRIBLE but we laugh about it now
Does anyone have funny stories about wetting pants?
ill tell you mine: i was at my friends house and we were playing a game, and we were fooling around. I laughed so hard it all just came out
Well this is about my daughter wetting hers. Just before her 4th bday she was having some issues with regressing in her training (she has bladder spasms we've since found out) One day she was sitting out on our porch just looking out at the woods behind our building. The sun was setting and she was looking so serene and peaceful that I was just watching her thinking how precious she was. And that was when I noticed the growing puddle around her and heard our downstairs neighbor (who was outside smoking) say "what is that dripping from up there?" ! Omg I was horrified! But now it's just funny b/c I know why she looked so content! lol
Omg, who has any "wetting pants" stories they'd like to share?
I find those stories amusing. I'll share one myself!

One night i was camping with two friends and Sofi dared me to walk outside the ten buttnaked for 5 minutes. sooooooo........ I was just standing there and circling the tent, when these flashlights hit me---there were other people around our campsite! And worse-They were boys!!! I was so scared and surprised that i peed myself!!!
When I was in 3rd grade, I was just sitting at the table and doing classwork but I REALLY had to pee but we weren't allowed to go during class unless it was an emergency...but I was really shy and quiet so I didn't want to say anything. So, I accidentally peed my pants right there, and this guy at my table was like 'why are you all wet?' and my eyes started tearing up so the teacher saw all this and brought me outside and gave me a speech about how I'm in 3rd grade and I need to grow up and not wet my pants anymore and then she sent me back and class and told everyone that I sat on a box of apple juice! :D
Do you have any stories of when you wet your pants recently or at least past the age of twelve?
I recently had an accident and just want to see if there are any stories that could make me feel a little better
It's ok, accidents happen sometimes.
Share with me your stories?
What are some of your most embarrasing public pants wetting stories?
okay it actually happened today im on my perios and in school i was passing out papers and my friends like r u on ur period cause theres a big stain on ur butt And i was soo freggin embaressed my shirt even got bloody
Its kind like wet the pants
lol hope u guys have fun reading this
Who is a teenager that either enjoys peeing their pants or peeing in a diaper?
I am an 18 year old guy and I absolutely love peeing in my pants or in a diaper. I also get turned on when I see or here stories about girls peeing their pants or in a diaper. If anybody (girls in particular) have any wetting stories, PLEASE SHARE!!!
Lol im 17 and i need diapers at night (but ill sometimes wear them in the day for convenience) and my 10 year old brother is completely incontinent. :)

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