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Why is japan so weirdly fascinated with little girls?
I mean everything in japan if its not anime its got little girls in frills and bows, serving you meals or giggling coyly....its really weird. and its seriously everywhere, it would take me all day to descibe all the things involving little girls...
im not saying the japanese are pedo's or something...but seriously, why so obsessed?
And dont even get me started on their strange sex subculture lol....unless its one and the same...

if you dont beleive me heres a good example: until 1993 you could go and buy yourself a pair of USED SCHOOLGIRL PANTIES from vending machines! men would just go up to them (they were everywhere), slip in a coin, and walk away with a frilly pink pair of used schoolgirl undies... WTF?!?!
i think in japan its seen as most attractive to look young and cute and innocent, thats why they pull those faces in pictures and wear stupid contacts that actually look scary
Have you ever looked up a schoolgirls skirt?
me a my friends were waiting for the bus home this evening and schoolgirls were there too, they go to the school next to our school. the schoolgirl uniform were navy blue. one of the girls were putting something in to her bag she was bending down. my school pals dared me sneak behind her too look up her skirt. she wore pink panties inside her tights
Perve. ThankGod my school uniform is trousers.
Anyone encounter an underwear vending machine in Japan?
Like in Japan they have these vending machines that distribute used panties other girls have worn. It's like 700 Yen for a pair & supposed to attract horny old men. ewwww

I ask this becasue unfortunately while vacationing in Japan with friends I lost a bet. & I had to buy one of the dirty panties & wear it under a tiny schoolgirl skirt. My friends laughed & everyone (mostly older men) were staring. So degrading... glad I got my pants back.
Not possible as there are no such machines. Like Carl said, such things are long gone. Why make up such a story anyway ?
Omg this is the sickest most disgusting perverted thing i have ever seen!?
Vending machines in Japan offer for sale panties purportedly worn by schoolgirls.

underwear that has supposedly been previously worn by schoolgirls is being offered for sale in vending machines in Japan. in 1993 they sold for the equivalent of US $50 apiece.

what the hell is wrong with these people????????
Can you imagine what the poor guy who has to fill the machine has to deal with.
It would smell like a trashbin full of dead snails
When did girls start watching ecchi animé and hent@1 (third repost!)?
Either all three questions are going to appear at the same time or Y!A is deleting questions containing the word "hent@1" without even sending a courtesy email to say it has been deleted. Anyway, here's the question (if the puritanical god-botherers don't remove it):

I know why I like shows like To Love Ru and Rosario + Vampire (teenage schoolgirls, boobs,butts and panty shots) but when did they start appealing to a female audience and why?

Not that I'm complaining, I like to imagine that there are millions of female perverts out there but is it just for lack of more female-oriented shojo animé?
I really don't know. Personally, I hate stuff like that!
What kind of Match?
Would you like to see between Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus, Candice Michelle vs. Melina and Kristal vs. Ashley

Evening Gown
Bra & Panties
Rip off the Camoflauge
Steel Cage
Mud Bra & Panties
Trish vs Torrie... Bra and Panties
Candice vs Melina... cage
Kristal vs Ashley... Mud bra and panties
Strange Boyfriend?
My new BF has a strange way to have sex. He asks me to dress in bra panties, stockings , garterbelt and a schoolgirl uniform. After that he ties me tight and when I am helpless pushes his way through mouth and behind. (without undressing) Never from front. I am beginning to worry. Otherwise he is not violent kind of person. But I don't like this way I think its brutal and whenever I'm in no mood he still goes ahead overpowering me. This is definitely not normal? Is he a pervert? should i leave him?
Some women might be okay with this every now and then, but all the time? If it's not your thing you shouldn't even be wondering if you should leave him, you should already be out the door. I suggest therapy to find out why you aren't sure if you should leave a man like this. It's so far from healthy you can't even see healthy from where you are sitting.
Ten points on offer for solving my awful sexual dilemma?
I'm a guy in my late 20s, and not long ago I met an older woman named Pat (aged 60, dark blonde hair, 5'2") and we really clicked, despite the obvious age differences. However, the majority of my family weren't too keen on her, and my sister Alison (aged 30, blonde hair, 5'6") hated her especially (they took an instant dislike to each other).

What came next was unwittingly the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

This came to a head at a fancy dress party, where both my older girlfriend and my half-sister (who's 30), began arguing, with my sister telling my then girlfriend that she didn't deserve me, and Pat telling her to mind her own business or she'll get hurt. This threat just made my sister even more mad, and she threw a drink in Pat's face. This led Pat to grabbing my sister by her hair, and my sister grabbed hers too.

Now, the weird thing is both women were dressed as schoolgirls and were both wearing really shiny, sheer tan pantyhose with knee-length leather boots. This is where it became really awkward, as which girl do I root for to win? Both girls then traded punches, with Alison coming slightly out on top. She then straddled Pat and began banging her head off the ground, Pat eventually managing to throw Alison off her, leaving both girls rolling around on the floor, both flashing their knickers for all to see (Pat wore black silk kpanties, Alison was wearing a pink nylon thong).

Alison grabbed Pat up from the floor and began repeatedly slapping Pat, and looked like she was gonna take her. However, Alison missed with a clumsy swing, which allowed Pat to grab Alison by her pigtails and delivered a darn tough headbutt on my sister, breaking her nose. Alison shrieked out in pain and Pat had dropped her with the headbutt. Pat then straddled Alison, banging her head off the ground.

Pat then dragged a groggy Alison to her feet, then for some reason pat hitched up Alison's skirt, grabbed Alison by her panties with one hand and then threw her headfirst into the wall, almost knocking her out and writhing on the floor in agony, again flashing her panties and shiny tights for all to see.

I went over to help my sister up and put her arm around my shoulder, she apologised for losing and felt embarrassed. Pat then went up to her and said that she'd put up a good fight but she was no match for her and offered to buy her a drink, which she did.

I'm still with the victor from that vicious cat fight, but the weird problem I have now are my feelings for my half-sister - she looked oh so sexy fighting my girlfriend (they both did) in that outfit, and I was so turned on by that brawl, and the fact my sister lost yet looked so sexy in that school girl outfit and shiny pantyhose and boots. All I really wanted to do later that night was take my half-sister home and tend to her, to possibly take things further and even make love to her. I'd never felt feelings like this before, and I instead went home with Pat and we had the best sex of my life (she's a fantastic, experienced lover), but during sex all I thought of was how sexy my half-sister looked in defeat. My half-sister has just the most fantastic legs in pantyhose and a great butt.

I realise how ridiculous and wrong this all sounds, but I've never felt like this before, and I've started thinking about whether Alison would be better in bed than Pat, and who would win if they fought again, what they'd wear and how it would unfold. The strange thing is, I now know my half-sister has the same feelings, hence her strong feelings towards Pat. The night after the brawl Alison came to visit me, dressed in a leather mini-skirt, glossy tan pantyhose and silver ankle boots with a satin top, and she looked incredible. She then confessed that she's in love with me, and slid her hand down my trousers, and began to pleasure me. We then fondled with each other, I ripped off her skirt to reveal her silky white knickers and made a mess of her tights, feeling her up and then she sucked me off. I'd never felt so horny as I now did. We've not had full-blown sex yet, but it's only a matter of time. She's also determined to fight my girlfriend again in a re-match, and wants me to leave Pat and move in with her.

I don't know what to do and my head is in a right mess - what shall I do?

Please, as many sensible comments and advice as possible would be great and might help me solve this mess. Thank you.

For anyone that believe this to be warped fantasy, please let me re-iterate that this has been incredibly difficult to reveal, let alone admit these feelings to myself, I wouldn't wish this situation upon my worse enemy, thanks. Please also allow me to explain that me and my half-sister shared the same mother before she sdly passed away with cancer several years ago (this doesn't make it any better or worse of course)...
try to make short story.
I'm looking for a weird / funny YouTube clip?
featuring a dude who receives panties in the mail supposedly worn by a Japanese schoolgirl - it turns out that a group of sweaty-assed Japanese guys have been mailing these! Can't find it anywhere!
you can watch my webshow…
Do you think It's sluty to wear this?
Well, I know it's not Halloween however, my friends are having a dress up party and I plan to dress up as a schoolgirl but the skirt is so low you would probably mistake it for panties. The shirt is kind of like a bar in a way my hair and make up will be really dolled up. But, do you think it's a good idea to wear it. It's not like a family party it's a friend party..
If you want to.....(: It would look cute. But some people may recall you for a slut. So ya just think about people will think.(: Hope I helped

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