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Hairy Vagina Bush inside Bikini?
Im going to water world this summer but..Im a little scared. I have a bushy vagina and I was wondering if I wear my bikini bottoms. When I get wet, wont my bikini bottoms become transparent and you'd be able to see the blackness through the bottoms? Im kind of scared and I have a bikini line. How would I get rid of it without shaving because i get little red bumps? Im very shy and insecure so this is kind of important to me. Help me,PLEASE! D: Thank you in advance. :{
If you're very shy get a home waxing kit or Nair. Nair is a chemical that will kill the hair down to the follicles...I've had bad experiences with it, my skin just ends up getting burnt by it. If you're not too shy though, I really really suggest you go to a salon to have waxing done; it hurts a lot less because the wax is different than the wax in the kits, and the after oil used at salons is sooooo soothing.
My girl friend has a well...hairy vagina. How do I go about this with out hurting her feelings?
My girl friend is Arabic and she is also very cute. I care about her a lot. Recently my girlfriend and me have gotten sexually active. The first time we had sex, I notice she had quite a big bush. I mean I am fine with a little hair on a girl but not to be perverted or anything, but I felt like when I was trying to find her hole it was like I was searching through a sea of fur. After a few times of us having sex, the hair well.... started to bother me and I think she kinda saw it was bothering me as well. She started to notice this since I would sometimes turn her down when she got in the mood. Which made me really bad.

I would like for my girl friend to shave down there, but how do I go about this with out hurting her feelings? What should I do? I would like to tell her how I feel about this but I would hate for her to get upset.
Tell her you are going to trim up yours and see if she will do the same.........
Get rid of hair on my vagina?
so i hate the little hairy bush on my vagina so im going to get rid of it! i have gotten bikini waxes before but i want it ALL gone. here are three choices which is the best
1) nair it all off
2) shave it all off
3) brazilian wax
brazilian is super painful so i want to stay away from that one, but which of the three is honestly the best? is shaving better or nair? and how badly does brazilian hurt? thank you!
Brazilian wax WAY SMOTHER down there! And how do you know its hurt? Im askin becuse you askin this question! I assumed it hurt to! To be honest it doesnt hurt that bad! It is alittle uncomfortabel like ob a scale from 1 to 10 its maybe a 4! HONEST!!!!! So dont freak out:) I get waxed by a estation and my lower legs hurts! It feels like needles! But its only for a second and its over pretty fast! Haha and when she waxes my underarmsi burst out laughing! It tickes bad! Haha she said its like that for some peoples! Plus the hair grows back way less thicker! It grows back really fine/ thin! Its worth it trust me:) And the most i can go without waxing is 2 months! I know that sounds like a long time and it is! But with waxings its like 2/12 weeks mabe 3 at the most of shaving! So you get your moneys worth:) And the more you wax the less it hurts! Take 2 alieve an hour to to hours before you go! Thats what ive always done! Thats what my waxer told me to do:) Hope i helped you! Best answer please? Xx
I have a really short fat hairy dick. but i want to change my fat short hairy dick into a vagina?
i need help!! i want a vag soooo badly cuz i really hate my dick :/ having a dick really sucks, mine smells like chesse and goats asshole. what i doooo? besides men? if you dont believe me, it looks like a little man sitting in a bean bag chair. i hhaaaatttee mmyyy diiiiccckkkkk
Go see a doctor.
Hairy down there...?
I don't have much hair on my legs and arms (well i have hair, but not a ridiculous amount) but i have a fair amount 'down there'. I quite like it to be honest; i feel a lot better with it natural, but probably the reason why i have still kept it might be because i have not had a boyfriend (or girlfriend, but that is another matter lol) before. Will they prefer it bare or can i keep it? Or should i ask my mum on what to do? She told me that she used to get rid of it but now also has hair in the pubic area, more than me in fact, so i will ask her whether to keep it. I mean at school a lot of other girls seem hairless, and i feel a little left out, with the only hairy vagina there. I know this seems like a silly, trivial matter i am talking about, but what do you girls do?
It's normal to have hair there.
Quite honestly, men prefer hair there. Nobody wants to have sex with a woman that looks like a little girl.

I have never shaved there. Every guy I have been with in the past, including my husband, prefers the hair.

It's personal choice. Being hairless is a fad and you don't need the irritation that goes with it. Hair is meant to be there. Those hairless girls will have problems.
It's your body. Don't go by what others think. That's peer pressure. Go with what you want.
I shaved my vagina for the very first time & now it looks weird, now what do i do? should i wax?
i want my vagina clean. i got tired of looking at my hairy vagina so i decided to start shaving. i shaved it about 4 days ago. i shaved it using feminine wash since i wasnt able to buy shaving cream he other day tsk but i really shaved it slowly and i made sure that i was shaving in the opposite direction to where my hair grows. after shaving, my vagina started to sting & these little bumps appeared. i was expecting to have a smooth finish but it still seemed rough. now my vag hairs are growing back & it still stings. is this normal? should i get used to it? i reallyreally want a smooth finish. when i shaved, i stroked over and over again but i still cant get that smooth finish i reallyyy want. is waxing the only then? i wanna wax by myself, is that a good idea? could you guys help me with my shaving prob first? haha some tips would help.
Your first mistake was no shaving cream and second when ever you shave down there use a brand new razor never use a used one..the shaving cream should be for sensitive skin and have moisturizers in it etc and dont shave against the grain ...that should help ..
Do guys prefer a clean shaved vagina or au natural or trimmed?
I was wondering what guys favor more, a bald vajajay or with a little hair trimmed down, or just plain natural and hairy? Some say that they don't like it too cleaned up because when the hair is growing back it hurts them, is that true?
i think a lil trimmed will be fine for guys and yh im a woman but just think that they definitely wont like a proper clean vagina and a very hairy one so its best to keep in between which is trimmed x
GUYS, do you mind a little extra hair...... down there........?
Do you prefer a shaved vagina, a really hairy vagina? Also, do you like vaginas with big lips that stick out or the smaller closed up?
I like the really hairy ones. They look better after they have been creampied.
My vagina itches a lot?
i am 16 years old. yes, im a virgin. i dont usually shave down there, so i might be a little hairy. why does it itch so much down there? i wash it every single day. it cant be the sope because i changed it and it doesnt help. is it because im so hairy?
please no rude comments, i just want the answer to my queston.
sounds like a yeast infection, go to the doc and get it treated :)

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