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Who was the other girl in the anna nicole smith bathtub lesbian scene?
porn : anna nicole smith lesbian bath tub scene
Anna Nicole is hot!

Thanks....now thats whats up! lol
What do you think of the word "lesbian"?
I can't stand the word because of the connotations that go with it. It just reminds me of porn every time i hear it. Also, it's a noun and not a verb. I don't know why it being a noun bothers me but it just doesn't sound right to me. When i hear the word "lesbian" i think of those ads on tv selling pornographic videos of two Russian women having a lesbian bath together or i think about when straight guys go on about how hot lesbians are when what they're thinking of are the straight women in pornography who touch each other but don't even enjoy it, usually while a guy watches and joins in later.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not waging war on the word or anything, just want to see what you think.
Doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's just a word...and I had to giggle, because I've never heard someone use it as a verb (unless they were completely and totally ignorant...."I saw 2 girls lesbianing in their room the other day?" LOL)

EDIT: adjective, gotcha :) and actually it IS an adjective as well.

POLL/SURVEY: Why should Gays & Lesbians be allowed to join the US Military? There's no Broadway divas in Iraq?
Can you imagine them on foot patrols in Kandahar, Afghanistan, putting on a theatrical production of "Rent" for Afghan civilians?

ALL the Afghans will end up siding with the Taliban! : ((

I think the US Military is serious and dangerous business.
Gay people are deluding themselves if they think joining the military = free Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards...
Not to mention watching all you hot soilders taking a long hot soapy shower.
Damn i wish i was a towel
What can my girlfriend and I, do for each other in the bathtub?
My girlfriend and I, are going to take a romantic bath together. What should we bring in the tub with us? What can we do for each other? Please be serious and not judge. We are lesbians and want to have a very romantic bath.
Is it weird that in the 40 year old virgin , the scene with the girl in the bath turns me on?
well thats it really

- and im not a lesbian

-the scene where the woman in the bath is masturbating or whaterver
No I dont think lol, wouldnt it be kinda like watching porn? Hope this helps :)
Help? I think my best friend might be bisexual?
First off, I would like to say I have nothing against gay/lesbian/bi people. (:

My best friend who I've known since I was in 2nd grade and she was in first recently has been acting different. I am now in 8th grade and she is in 7th. I moved to Florida when I was 11 and moved back. We still kept in contact even though we were 1100 miles apart. She likes black guys and is always watching those music videos where the girls always have huge boobs and butts. She always tells me they are so sexy and wants to look like them when she's older. She also dances like them, and when I'm over she'll wear booty shorts with no underwear and dance like that when I'm in the room with her and it's quite awkward sometimes. Yesterday we were texting and she told me that if her family wasn't so religious that'd she'd go bi. I told her that I would maybe make out with a girl at like a party or something but never actually call myself bi. She spend the night last night and everything was pretty normal. Except when we were sleeping she was like really close to me. Today, after she left she texted me and I told her I was taking a bath with some stuff in it to help my nose, and she replied saying "I wish I was in it with you" I didn't reply to that. She then sent me a forward that said "If me and you woke up naked one day what 3 words would you say?" And I replied "I was drunk." Anyways, she's kinda creeping me out lately. I just don't want our friendship being awkward or to end. Please any advice and does it sound like she's bi?

It sounds like shes curiouse about her sexuality, maybe talk to her about it. Tell her that you sorta feel unconfortable when she does those things. & if she is except her, but tell her that u arent bi or curiouse .
Whats the longest you've gone before taking a bath or a shower?
Pitty on you if you ask me why this question is in the gay/lesbian section! rofl
A whole 2 months as I had broken both legs and found it difficult to wash!!!
Why do people think I'm gay when I tell them I take baths with my best friend?
My best friend and I are roomates and we have a huuuge bath tub in our apartment. Sometimes, after we both had a rough day, we sit at opposite sides of the bubble bath and we talk for an hour or so. When I tell my friends that, they assume we are lesbians. We're very close but not attracted to each other at all since we like boys. Why would people assume that?
I'll admit that does sound lesbianish (bathing with another girl) but you know your feelings. Sometimes people can be very close but in like a family related way. I think it's something called romantic friendship. Abraham Lincoln is a popular example of that with another man named Joshua Speed.

Here's the link about romantic friendship (which mentions Abraham Lincoln):

Here's the link specifically about Abraham and Joshua:

So yes. There are many occasions where people who are not genetically related to each other who are very close to each other in a NON-sexual way. Don't let people change who you are and what you know about yourself.
Whats the song were the girl is in?
the bath tub and she says "daddy can she please come over..."
and there lesbians and the girl in the bath tub has long hair and the other has short blonde hair. there in a castle type house what is the song?
I tried every search engine I have and could not find these lyrics. Do you know anymore of the song? Email it to me and I will find it.
Gays/Lesbians: Is it considered 'straight' to kiss the opposite sex?
To put it simply: Is it seen as straight to kiss a girl if you're a homosexual?

Detailed: I'm openly gay, and last saturday my friends and I decided to go out drinking in the countryside. We're all 15 apart from our 17 year old *straight* guy-friend. Basically we went to drink vodka in this little abandoned bath house somewhere around a mile from the town. We were all having a great time when the guy started laughing and said he'd make out with me if two of the girls made out with each other. They did, then me and the guy did too.
Later that night we all started this passive smoking game where one person smokes, and kisses it into the next person's mouth, who passes it on until it goes round in a full circle. I ended up kissing the guy and the girls a lot and found it harmless (Well yeah, smoking and drinking isn't harmless I suppose.) fun. We then played truth or dare where we dared each other to make out with our friends. I made out with the guy and 3 of the girls.
Anyway, forget that we're all age, nobody was hurt that night. What I'm asking is have any gays/lesbians out there had a similar experience? I'm comfortable with being gay and didn't have any problem with the night, but when one of my friends found out she was disgusted and thought I'd been lying to her about being gay.

So is it considered straight to kiss the opposite sex? Sorry for the long question but I'd like your views.
You can 'be' gay while making 'straight actions' if you get what i mean. Any straight guy or girl can kiss the same sex but they will still 'be' straight, though their actions weren't! I hope this makes sense lol

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