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Are gay teens more likely to be bullied than lesbian teens?
While I have heard plenty about the suicides of gay teens I have heard nothing about any lesbian teen taking their own life. Any ideas as to why this is??
I think so. Now before you get angry. I am 26 and have been out since I was barely 17. I think gay teen males get more grief than females because for some reason society doesn't seem to have a problem with lesbians. Look at pop culture two girls make out most everyone will say it is hot but two guys and people start shaking their heads.
Know any chat rooms for lesbian teens?
I've tried looking for some chat rooms where lesbian teens, like myself, can chat with other lesbians their own age and share experiences and offer support. The only ones I've found are like sexual things or something for myspace, which I don't want. Do you know any chat rooms?
im looking for a good one too if you find something let me know
How can I meet other lesbian teens?
I'm a 16 year-old, semi-out lesbian, and I was wondering if I could have any suggestions on where I can meet other lesbian teens. I go to a small private school in California, where there are only four other girls near my age, none of whom are gay or bisexual, or girls I would ever consider dating. I'm not interested in online relationships, although friends are always nice, and I would like to know if anyone can tell me where I can meet people.
If you have a Myspace, you could advanced search people by sexuality and browse.
I know that's not very helpful, but that's actually how I found my wife when I was 16 (Married her at 18).

You most likely can't find a teenager on the internet because people can't often advertise teens.
You could try Gays.com to find young women (18+) or possibly look on Craigslist for meetings or rallys for Gays and check it out.
Without being familiar with your location, I can't really recommend too much.

Much luck though girl ;)
Is there any websites that are only for gay and lesbian teens between ages 12 and 18?
i am looking for a website that is a good place for lesbian and gay teens to meet friends and maybe more. all the other websites i go to are only for people 18 and older and i am looking for one thats 18 and younger
I think trevorspace.org (or something like that) allows 13+, though they allow people older than 18.
Are there any lesbian or bi teens here in Austin Texas or at least central Texas?
I just recently accepted being bi, but there seems like there isn't anyone else that is. I was wondering if there were any bi or lesbian teens near me?
it's illegal lol
How do I meet other lesbian/bi teens?
Im a 16yo in high school. I want a gf. But I don't know how to meet or where to meet other lesbian/bi teens. Im out to pretty much out everyone I know and meet. I just cant seem to meet the right person/people. There all either straight, dating someone already, or im just not into them romaticly. Im so tired of being single. It sucks a lot of the time.
Maybe it is because you want it soo much that it is not happening
Maybe think about something else and it should come along
go to gay clubs and join LGBT groups...go on LGBT social networking sites
Where do I meet other lesbian teens?
I live in the Ottawa area... where can I meet other lesbian teens? It seems all the opportunities to get to know other gay people are for adults. My school isn't very gay-friendly, and I'd just like to reassure myself that there ARE other gay teens in the Ottawa area.

I live in Virginia, so that's not too much help for ya, but I'd love to chat with you sometime! I feel like there aren't too many gay teens down here either... I go to a private prep school so there isn't much diversity.
What are the best websites for lesbian teens?
Hey I need a little help finding lesbians near me. I have tried my yearbook, the gyc, queer attitude, and tagged. Is there anything else that could help me find girls?
How do i meet other bisexual/lesbian teens?
Im a 14 year old girl, bisexual and i want a chick relationship but i dont know where to look. I live in australia, perth.
Let it happen naturally dont rush any thing and be careful there are allot of freaks out there and not to mention allot of S.T.D's so be safe and just chill have fun come out and let your friends and if you can your family know your bisexual who knows they may help set u up with someone good luck sweetie
Is there any websites for lesbian teens?
I just want to know if there's any one out there that can help.

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