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Had sex with a hot blonde, she then asked me for money, was she a woman of the night?
I work selling used cars so as you can imagine its pretty stressful. I am married (thrid wife) but I do have a drink problem. Well I was in a bar after work and a sexy blonde came upto me and started chatting me up. Well she invited me back to her hotel room and we had sex, she then said "that will be $300" - well I refused and was in total shock. I left the room. Was she a hooker?
you the man
Who is the hot blonde guy from Sex and The City?
in the Sex and The city movie, what is the name of that hot blonde guy who goes out with that blonde Hollywood chick (not the main chick)????
jason lewis
If you drop a hot blonde in the middle of 1,000s of sex starved Middle Easterners what did you think was going?
to happen?
She would be raped and the liberal media would imply she deserved it
Ladies: would it bother you if your sons teacher had sex with him at 13 or 14, even if she was real hot?
I was just thinking about this b/c this HOT as HeLL teacher from burbank california (hot blonde) is getting introuble for having sex with a 14 year old student.

Would you really be that mad? Considering shes hot?
Obviously she's not that hot if she can't find a grown man to have sex with her. Sounds like she's a little retarded to me.
Is having sex with a complete stranger who is super HOT the ultimate fanatasy for a guy?
you are just sitting there minding your own business and you see this really Hot blonde and you just say hi and she comes to you saying lets do it now, right now, and doing it in a public restroom, can this ever happen? has this ever happened to you?
why Blonde?
Who is the hot blonde in van wilder freshman year?
its the sex class scene where there are plays drawn on her boobs and he rubs them.
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What should I do about this hot blonde?
Well on my way to work each morning I pass this blonde girl coming the other way. She's quite sophisticated and posh but in an approachable way. I worry she's the kind to be stuck up about sex though. When I see her I want to tongue kiss her and lick her. :P
I always find that sophisticated girls enjoy sex just as much as the rest of us. My best suggestion is next time you are walking towards her drop a hand full of change on the floor, if she stops to help you pick it up then you are in with a chance. If she walks straight past, you are waisting your time. Knowing women as I do you would be advised to strike up a converation before you attempt to tongue kiss and lick her.
OMG I just met this really hot blonde who told me she's an Evangelical. Should I save her or seduce her asap?
She's really fallen for me so I may be able to get through to her. She even told me that she's very tempted to have sex with me before marriage and each time I meet her I take it a step further. I have been teaching her about the Kama Sutra and tantric sex and how there is nothing wrong with sex. I have also been debunking many of the Bible's teachings and slowly but surely she's beginning to fall for me and my ideas. She says she's never met anyone who has shown her a whole new side and she feels liberated. I even got her to chant Buddhist mantras the other day and visit a Hare Krishna party where she joined in workshipping an Indian God Krishna. Should I continue to liberate her and save her or let her be with her Evangelical brethren?
Oh boy. Nice way to use Christianity and Buddhism. If you were a true Buddhist you would restrain from such behaviors. I guess that you are that watered down western Buddhist. There is not that many true devote Buddhist, have fun with your encounters.
Question about Final Destination (hot guy and sex at the pool)?
Is it realistic that the blonde guy in the movie could go to a public pool, and almost immediately have sex with a hot bikini-clad woman right in the beach house? How could this possibly happen? Women are not that easy. Not even for hot guys at the pool.
It's a movie lol. And in the movie he's depicted as a ladies man. There trying to show that. May not be realistic but meh.

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