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Gay masturbation question?
I have a question:

I just broke up with my boyfriend of a few years. It's been a while since I masturbated as a gay male. I usually just shove my finger up my butthole and jam it against my buttcrack until I start bleeding. I used to be able to suck my own penis but it doesn't work anymore because I'm having trouble getting hard enough to reach it with my mouth. What are some other ways of gay masturbation?
I think you have a vivid imagination. If not, I really would worry about someone who makes themselves bleed from their rear end. Definitely not necessary!! If you're old enough, buy a sex toy and a good lubricant.
What can I do to help if I am a 17 year old gay male who can't achieve an orgasm?
I can through masturbation but never with a partner. Also, I live in a family where we just don't discuss my sexuality and I never feel comfortable bringing anyone romantic interest or not into my home. Please help me with this it makes relationships awkward when it comes to sex.
It usually means uncomfortability. The same used to happen to me when I was younger. I would always be able to orgasm when I masturbated, but not with a partner because being that I was a guy, I had to deal with the pressure of being caught because I had to sneak boys in.

But when I was an adult and found the person of my dreams, I'm as comfortable as ever and I orgasm every time.
I have a question on masturbation,but i don't know if it violates the terms and conditions...?
i have question regarding gay male masturbation, and i have a problem with doing it, i dont know how other gay men avoid this problem but i dont know if i should post it.

CAN you please answer this question tellig me if i shoudl post it or not, i will check in 2-3 mins for answers, and if it is so, then i wil post the question in the edit bit.

back in 3 mins......
go for it, if your account gets cancelled you can always make another and if you wanna email me with the question you can cause well... im gay
Ok I'm a 14 yr old straight male but I like watching gay porn?
I watch porn everyday t jack off... But when I come across gay or bi porn I get very turned on... I don't like gay guys sexually or personally... I like solo male masturbation porn... I have crushes on several girls... I check out girls.... I sometimes check out guys but not that offten... I have gay fantasies about guys and girls... Sometimes together... I think I'm straight but have been questioning that lately
I think its too early to start worrying. You like what you like and who you are sexually will all pan out in the future. If you like both male and female, "shrug" that is just who you are.
What would be good for a male?
Hi there
Y.A. didnt choose a good awnser
and nobody ever anwser, i finally got over masturbating but now i need to know what would be good tool to use for (NOT gay, male) masturbation, and if it's a normal bathroom tool would be better
and don't give me a web link
Cut a hole in a mellon and hump it till you come inside it. it feels AWESOME!!!!!
If you were a straight male serving a life sentence in prison, would you eventually do gay things?
I'm not talking about entering into a romantic relationship with another male inmate or outright sex, but simply finding ways to release your sexual tension, other than simple masturbation. If you were a young male in prison with little chance of parole anytime soon, would you accept an offer from another inmate to rub you off, or even give you a b. job, as long as you did not have to return the favor?
sure, if you could get away with it. my best friend is totally straight, but i give him head all the time, no one else knows about it.he got married, have guys, and still give it to me,,he knows i ove his body, and taking care of his need, without question..and discreet/
Male Masturbation?
O.k, about 98% of teenage males have experienced masturbation, (no matter what your sexual preference is) I'm gay and I don't really like it. You all might be thinking what the hell is wrong with him, but its the truth. Anyways, the point is, when did you start masturbating and when are you to old to stop doing it.
I mean, its o.k for you to do it when you are from 12- maybe 21 but after that, isn't it to old?

Hope its not a very personal question :)
You are not going to like my answer.

According to a survey of over 10,000 males by the web site in the second half of 2007, in which males were asked to rate masturbation on a scale of 1 to 10, gay males gave the act a higher rating than straight males. Here are the results:

Straight, 7.76, number of respondents=6452
Mostly straight, 8.09, N=2035
Bisexual, 8.18, N=748
Mostly gay, 8.22, N=400
Gay, 8.46, N=512

The more gay a guy is, the better he likes masturbating. Strange but true.

The average male started masturbating at age 12.25. There is no age at which males stop masturbating. According to the same survey, the average man in his 70s masturbates 4 times a week.

Instead of feeling down on masturbation, you ought to learn to accept it as something normal, healthy, and fun, and something that males have to do out of necessity. In addition to being fun, it keeps your prostate in good health and even wards off prostate cancer. Why don't you talk to some gay guys your age about masturbating? Maybe hearing the perspective of another guy like you can help you like it better.
Why do people make such a big deal of homosexuality when the number of fornicators is much more prevalent?
I know homosexuality is morally wrong...but so is sex outside marriage and adultery and for that matter divorce and adulterous thought...i.e internet pornography and masturbation...(Gay male that came to know Jesus Christ)
This is a point I try to make often amongst other Christians. Extra-marital sex and pornography are far more prevalent problems.

I think the answer to your question is that some people feel superior if they can "put down" someone for doing something immoral, especially if it is something that the person doing the bashing has never felt any temptation for doing in the first place.

It's easy for those who have never felt temptation toward a particular vice or sin to feel superior to those who struggle with that very thing. And then it makes them feel very proud of themselves to lash out against those who are struggling with it. This, of course, is a direct violation of Christ's command. "Let He of you who has no sin cast the first stone."

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