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I have proof of a commissioned Officer getting drunk and lap-dances at a strip bar every weekend. What now?
He is married Army commissioned Officer and still he is doing this. This is disgusting behaviour. It makes me sick. Every weekend he gets drunk and get tons of lap-dances from strippers. I got video and audio proof of these incidences every weekend. What should I do now? Can I get a reward or an award for turning in this evidence?
tell his wife
Husband got drunk at strip club with coworkers.....?
Hubby went to strip club with friends last night. I ok'd it and was like dont drink to much. He stayed out till 3am and came stumbling in so I was like hopefuly the truck is ok. This morning I wake up and notice our truck is missing. I ran in house like WHERE IS THE TRUCK!! He was like his friend that he picked up and work with drove him home and took truck with him. He said he was picking him up to go to work later that morning.
Ok this is the issue I dont know how to respond to this. Should I be mad for letting someone drive our truck to a bad area of town (where they live) and should I be mad at him for getting so drunk he could not drive. I DONT KNOW what to do!!! Our anniversary is coming up so i really dont want to ruin it but help please!!
Don't ruin your anniversary over this.
You knew where he was & what he was doing. He messed up on one part of those rules.
You both have now learned a lesson that many older married couples have learned which is... when drinking is involved, don't expect the rules to be followed. (Learn & grow from that.)
Be grateful you can celebrate your anniversary with him b/c he's not in jail for vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk. Be grateful you don't have to feel shame meeting the family of the deceased that he killed during drunk driving.
Let any hangover pass. Wait for emotions to be calm. Then have "the talk."
It begins with, "Well, things didn't go as planned last night. I'm glad you weren't driving while drunk. But we need to make a new plan for entertainment that doesn't put us in financial jeopardy. I don't want others driving our vehicles b/c if they have an accident, it goes on our insurance. We may need to look at taking a taxi when drinking is involved. Or leave the drinking to at home."

My brother is the designated driver when his wife & friends want to go bar hopping.
He takes the van w/ the DVD player & catches up on his movies while waiting for them to load back inside to the next destination.

There are many alternatives to avoid this happening in the future.
It's already happened. Being mad won't change a thing.
Discussing it calmly & looking for viable solutions will change things.
And that keeps the marriage happy with many other anniversaries.

Years ago, when my husband drank, our rule was that he make arrangements ahead of time to spend the night at the friend's house he was drinking at.
No lost truck, no drunk driving, no injuries, he got his play time, & I didn't have to worry about him.
Best part? In time, he just chose not to drink anymore b/c he missed being at home with me.
Does the Strip drink from gnc really work?
Its been like 24 hours since i smoked they hit me wit a random today. can i take strip drink the day of..?? and stil pass even if i smoke less than 2 days ago?
Strip drink works great. You take strip drink the day of the test, however, you should refrain from smoking at least 24 hours before the test. Drink plenty of extra water.
Drunk drivers kill more Americans than terrorists, so why doesn't Lieberman strip them of citizenship instead?
"In 2008, 11,773 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (32%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States."


That's four 9/11's worth of dead Americans in just one year. Why doesn't Senator Lieberman want to do anything about that?
Most of them get life in prison....I think that's about as close to being stripped of citizenship as it gets. Drunk drivers, while idiots, don't plot and purposely kill thousands of people for a political agenda. They just make an idiot mistake. And each drunk driver doesn't kill thousands of people, like each terrorist tries to.
In GTAIV for XBOX 360 Do I have to hang out (Eat, Drunk, Strip Club) with Playboy in order to get the 100%?
Do I have to do all the hangout events with Playboy in order to get the 100% achievement for GTAIV on XBOX 360? I think somewhere I read that I had to do that with everyone (Roman, Packy, Bruice, etc) in order to get 100%. Is that true? Cause right now I'm doing the under 30 hour achievement and I was gonna try to do 100% afterwardz.
No you end up killing him any way pick playboy and derrick to kill you get better rewards but yes you do have to do events with all of them and get all the pigeons all safe houses ect... not to mention the girl friend online dating thing it gives you bonuses if you pick one of the girls online and each on has an ability after 70 percent fondness or more.
Im planning on going to a strip club and getting drunk tommarow?
do u have any suggestions on what i should do while im doin this
Think about your morals, and figure out if going to a strip club and getting drunk is something that makes you feel fulfilled.
What are some fun strip and drinking games to play?
Me and my friends are trying to throw a party that people will never forget. So I need strip games and also drinking games
play beer pong its a classic
and strip poker

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