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Can a boss legally have sex with his secretary assuming that they are consensual?
I'm wondering about the whole position of authority legislations regarding sex.....if a boss decides to have a relationship with his secretary and eventually have sex, is it legal?
Yes, it's legal because they are consenting adults. However, the social implications may be hell on Earth!!!!!
If a secretary seduces her boss and initiates sex, is she still getting abused/exploited by the boss?
THIS IS UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR ....please dont mention that...i know.

stick to the the secretary being abused, molested, exploited by the boss or not?

is it just unprofessional behavior...or is it molestation as well.
Absolutely not the unfortunate thing is that you'd need to prove who initiated the relationship in order to get anywhere, and since it seems that men are usually held accountable when relationships are involved in any way the boss would most likely be punished if the relationship was found out.
Boss Ever had sex with your Secretary? Secretary, ever had sex with your boss?
How did it happen?
It Happens... do you have proof? if so use it to your advantage. You could get a raise and a promotion. (if They are both married) are you getting my drift?
Why do u always hear stories of bosses having sex with the secretary?
how does this happen and why? I can't imagine how two professionals working together could have such a relationship?
How else is she going to get a raise?
Boss _ Secretary? Can it mach with a nice relationship and not just sex??
Hi, I Have a problem and i would like all of you to help me a bit, First i must say that im working in a Security Office, The problem is that i Like my boss and i have told him, hes answer was i like you to, 3 weeks now he didnt said anything else, a friend of mine that had ask him what he thinks about me? he said to her '' i havnt got anythnig with her'', shes too young,I ask him why did he gave that answer to my friend and he told me,cause we havnt got anything yet between us,but if we ever have i wouldnt like stupid people to know about it,he didnt like the idea me telling to others,Maybe i should stop from the job,as i have my second job in the night time at a Kiosk, Dont know what to do, i wish i could speak to him and ask him what he thinks about all this with us, but i cant cause i dont want him to think that im runing after him,i mean some days at work he can joke with me and he seems that he wants to do somethink ,but other days he just not talk!! MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN
Don't push him about this. You don't say if he is married or not. If married, he may love his wife very much. If not, I'd just allow things to happen naturally or not; that is all you can do.
Keep your mouth shut about it all; going to other workers and gossiping is not the avenue to take; you see what it created for you.
You find out your boss is having sex with the new secretary?
Do you use this information to black mail him?

Threaten to tell your boss's wife and guyren if you have to. Get pictures, video tapes of it to ensure the ultimate satisfaction. You can use this knowledge to get a possible raise and paid vacation time.

Wow that's weird having another lord sesshomaru on the answers o_O
Why does the boss always get away with having sex with female secretaries?
Just because a guy is a female secretary's boss or if he works with a his female co-worker, he IS ALLOWED TO HAVE SEX!! I hear about it all the time and even seen it in certain movies where a boss has is allowed to get sexual in the workplace with secretaries! Its company policy and its not right and especially in Los Angeles, that may happen the most where cute celebrities are and alot of secretaries there of extremely cute female babes who would have sex with their big boss just because he has money!!!! Why is that? It isnt right!!!!
Girls like guys with money & power.
My boss offered me a raise, in exchange for sex - What would you do?
I am a single mom, working as a secretary. My boss offered me a significant raise, one that will really help me provide a better quality life for my daughter - But he wants me to sleep with him, kind of like a 'friend with benefits'. He is kind of gross, over weight, and I know it's probably illegal, but as a Mom I feel the obligation to sacrifice myself for my daughter. What would you do??
You should negotiate the "benefits" package separately.
Take a look at how much per week more you would be making if you say yes versus how much a decent "escort" would charge him for an hour of her services. He's setting himself up to reap a lot of benefits for very little money.
If you feel the urge to sacrifice yourself as you put it, make him pay an equivalent amount for every single time you do it.
Also, try to record or document his intentions so he'll be in a vulnerable position when you reject his initial offer.
Should I have sex with my bosses secretary?
What do you think?

She is sat next to me now, her decision depends on your answers. We will or wont depending upon your answer, it adds to the fun!!!.

She is not cheap, just has a sense of fun.

By the way, she is 22 and I am 46
You say YOUR secretary in your other question. Get the lie right and then come back.
Everybody at work is worried about possible redundancies, is now the time to try and have sex with the boss?
Either I'll get to fcuk them before they fcuk me, or maybe I'll get a pay raise like the secretary in the next office. What do you think?
lol, I think you should start selling hot dog's part time for extra cash!

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