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What is a blonde female Final Fantasy character?
Well, my friends want me to broaden my cosplay list with some Final Fantasy. Though the only blonde female character I can think of is Rikku...My hair is kind of goldish blonde.Any suggestions?

The only other female with blonde hair in the final fantasy series is Quistis.
She's from FFVIII.
What is that song with the blonde female singer featuring an african-american rapper?
I think it's an electronic/dance/techno song, but i vaguelly recall the blonde female singer playing a guitar. The song features a black singer also, but i can't remember his name neither. Does anyone know?…
What is the name of this movie starring a young blonde female protagonist?
I saw this movie on in the mid-90s on HBO, it's about the life of this blonde female in her teenage years or early twenties. I only remember bits and pieces like how she is in jail and makes a weapon by melting her toothbrush bristles and placing a razor in them. Also, I distinctly remember her getting into a car with a man and asking him if he would like to have sex, after he pulls his pants down she sticks him in the trunk of the car. Anyone know what this movie is called?
sounds kinda like that movie with reese witherspoon as a little girl...the name is freeway/ Try doesnt match your description exactly but that could be it.
Pokemon anime Blonde female with a black leather outfit? can someone tell me who she is?
She's not cynthia, she's a blonde chick with short hair and a black leather suit that is split down the middle w/ lace on the leg sides... There's nothing in her hair and she has goldish eyes she's in the anime!
Ten points to whoever can tell me who she is, or give me a list of all blonde pokemon females with black outfits!
Who is a young blonde female celebrity and a young dark male celebrity for character faces for Evermore?
I need a young blonde female celebrity with long hair down to her waist who has a "tortured soul", lost her parents, to be Ever in Evermore. and i need a young male celebrity with dark hair and eyes to be Damen in Evermore. Both teens
Does anyone know any Blonde female dc comic characters?
me and my friends are dressing up as dc characters for our friends birthday, and we are stuck on finding blonde females, does anyone have any ideas?


Black Canary…

Spoiler/Robin IV…
Her face is covered as Spoiler, but her hair is out as Robin

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)
Better pics:…


Better Pictures:…

Better picture:…


Harley Quinn is also blonde underneath her jester cap, but since you're going in costume you can't actually see her hair

Secret, Arrowette and Wonder Girl were all members of Young Justice. Here's a cover Gallery for more pics of them…
What are the best names for blonde female characters?
I'm working on a graphic novel and was looking for suggestions on a name for a blonde girl (the stereotypical blonde girl btw) in her late teens early twenties. Any suggestions?
I think like a Stacey or a Tiffany
Looking for help for a costume party! BLONDE female superheros or villains?
Hi i'm having a superhero/villian party and i'm looking for blonde female superhero and villian ideas. It can be any marvel or dc comics, as well people are branching out into

-power puff girls
-care bears
-ninja turtles

so its basically anything and everything that can go with the theme! And i can't think of anything good that would be blonde thanks!
maybe one of these characters are what you are looking for:

Sue storm -…
Stripperella -…
Supergirl -

I hope it helps
Is it hard being a blonde female?
Do you find blonde females have bad stereotypes and a bad image? Mostly caused by Paris Hilton types who are not naturally blonde to begin with. Do you agree blonde women have it tough?
Bieng a Brown Male Is it better to date a white blonde female, or be a homosexual?
My mum asked me "why do u have a white blonde girlfriend?"
i replied "would you rather me have a boyfriend" it got me thinking is it ?
If you're a gay brown male get a boyfriend, otherwise date the girl of your choice in whatever color you like.

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