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Black Skirt?
I need a plain black skirt, but can't find any online anywhere! what is a good clothing website that has small sizes?
Charolette Russe
Forever 21
Wet Seal
Old Navy

These stores have black skirts. Check out their websites
Black skirt?
Im looking for a short black , maybe demin, skirt to go wit black patent peep toe shoes. just looking for something simple, practicle but will look good on a night out! Thnx!!
How many Tiger barbs, and Black skirt tetras can I have in a 20 gallong tank?
My tank is overcrowded so im giving my mollies platies guppies away to a relative. I decided to keep black skirt tetras and tiger barbs in my tank once I get rid of my other fish. So i was wondering how many can i have once I giveaway my fish?
Barbs are sloppy, a lot of them requires frequent cleaning.
You could probably have a half dozen of each without problems.
What color hose to wear with a black skirt suit?
I have a job interview later this week - I'm wearing a black skirt suit with a modern cut (jacket is colarless and the skirt has a little flounce below the knees) and black heels. This is a marketing management position, so I don't want to look stuffy, but still very professional. Sheer black or sheer nude?
Sheer black. Don't get sheer nude. The colors never match your skin tone perfectly and will look weird. :)
What is the best way to make black skirt tetras happy?
I just got two black skirt tetras and i wanna know how to make them more happy and active.
all tetras need to be in groups of 5 or more, black skirts are kind of large and aggressive, they need to be in a tank no smaller than 20 gallons, groups of 6 or more is better for these fish to keep the aggression down. feed some freeze dreid blood worms 2-3 times a week and they will be much healthier and colorfull
Is a black skirt and black blouse okay for an interview?
I have an interview for a part time evening receptionist at a luxury car dealership. I don't have alot of dressy clothing, but figure I could get away with this black skirt and blouse I have. I wear them to church so do you think it will be suitable for the interview as well?
Yes, your church outfit should be fine. All black can make you look like you are serious and professional. Just make sure the skirt is at least down to your knees, and the blouse does not show too much cleavage, especially if the interviewer is a woman, who will dismiss you in her mind if you look too sexy.
Any tips on removing paper from a black skirt?
A couple of nights ago I was out wearing a black skirt, and spilt meatball sauce all over it, so tried to wipe it off with paper towels from the restaurant, but the paper particles just stuck to the fabric of the skirt. I washed the skirt earlier and just noticed that the paper is still there. I'm going out in an hour, and want to wear it, so don't have time to wash it on a different setting or anything like that. Any advice on removing it by hand?
Try some tape to remove it. cellotape usually works and removes the particles or try a lint brush.
Where can I get a black skirt and a white collar shirt?
I am a 12 year old girl getting ready for her Choir concert on the 25th of May and I have to wear a black skirt, white collar shirt, nylons, and black dress shoes. The problem is, I don't know where to get a black skirt and a white collar shirt. The white collar shirt is the hardest to find for me :P And it has to be under $25 bucks both :P Sucks. Help please! Thanks!
Target! Try them out :3
Interview attire - Is it appropriate to wear a black pencil skirt with a dark GREY suit jacket?
I would probably be wearing a stripped black and grey buttoned shirt underneath. I know that a lot of people say to match skirt suits, but I bought a nice black skirt separately a while ago and I can't possibly match the exact black and exact fabric, so I thought maybe I could get something that isn't so matchy matchy. Is this still appropriate for interviews?
Yes, it is fine. A good rule of thumb is that pants suits should always match exactly if it is an interview or presentation but you have more leeway with a skirt suit.
How can I clean stains on a black skirt?
My black skirt (material: 100% cotton) has some colored stains on it, and unfortunately, you can see them! I pre-treated the stains and put the skirt in the washing machine, using "Bright Colors" as the setting. However, after drying, I noticed that the stains are still there. Any suggestions?
Bleach! LOL!!!

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