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Why do blonde women think they are more beautiful than brunettes?
I think they are because blondes have big boobs and also look better. I see a lot of fat brunettes so that kills the attraction.
blonde is pretty:…
dark hair is sexy:…
What do you think are more beautiful blonds or brunettes?
i would have said brunette two days ago but i saw this blond the other day that made me switch.

It depends person to person.
There are ugly brunettes, and ugly blondes.
Does anyone know a beautiful song about brunettes?
Like something very nice
Like the song "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley
anything close to that or anything that has to do with brunettes..
I Brake for Brunettes by Rhett Akins
Why are blondes often called cute or hot and the others such as brunettes pretty/beautiful/gorgeous?
this is just generalization, though.
hmm...well, many blondes are called pretty though...i'd guess that society is used to so many attractive blondes (either fake or real) that when they see an attractive brunette their reaction is different. idk. good question though, i haven't really thought about that.
Why are blondes so sought after, when brunettes dominate the 'most beautiful women' charts?
When I see lists of the 'most beautiful women in the world', or when men/guys are asked what they think, I notice that most of them are brunettes. But, when asked what hair color they prefer, most guys say blondes. I don't get it. What do you think?
Well when you think about it that chart has to be mixed raced right
They cant include one race and disclude another.( Like having only Cacuassian girls yet no Hispanic girls.) So when you think about it many blonde girls are Caucassian. But Brunetts can be Hispanic, Asian, African American. Plus when you think of it many Blondes are found in Europe and American. But the rest of the world is Brunetes.

Hey cant we all just get along no matter what color of hair, skin, eyes of whatever.
Beautiful Brunettes - What Impression do they give?
Compared to beautiful blondes and redheads? Dark Haired beauties from Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta Jones - to Blonde Haired beauties Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johanassen to redhead Angie Everhart.
brunettes not only come off as beautiful, but they come off as being intellectual. not saying that blondes aren't, but brunettes just look the part better. blondes come off as being more easy going and spontaneous and redheads come off as being more on the edgy side. not that any of this is true, it is just the impression that most people get from them.
Are brunettes better than blondes? My boyfriend tells me I am a beautiful brunette.?
I love the way I look.
no blonds are dumb. brunnetes are better looking. bc in summer if blonds go in pools they have green hair!!hahaha
Most beautiful brunettes?
I am making a video of the most beautiful/hot brunettes, and I already have a few such as Kathetine Zeta-Jones, Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox. List as many as you can!
Adriana Lima
Emmy Rossum
Katie Holmes
Grace Park
Katy Perry
Winona Ryder
Natalie Portman
Keira Knightley
Brunettes are more beautiful blondes are more hot?
true or false
i've heard many ppl say as you get older brunettes are more beautiful as appose to blondes who are known as "hot"

agree or disagree
seriously it dosnt matter.

your facial features are what make you beautiful and your body is what makes you hot.
Why are brunettes and blackhaired girls more beautiful than blondes?
They almost olways do win Miss Universe and Miss World. The most beautiful women of the world are without doubt brunettes.
Think of Salma Hayek, Jen. Lopez, Catherine Z. Jones, Jessie Alba, Beyonce, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Angelina....What is special about them?
As long as she has a pretty face she could shave her head and bye a dozen different wigs and I could have a dozen different women. Works for me. All different colors and all different styles.

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