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What can my girlfriend and I, do for each other in the bathtub?
My girlfriend and I, are going to take a romantic bath together. What should we bring in the tub with us? What can we do for each other? Please be serious and not judge. We are lesbians and want to have a very romantic bath.
Who was the other girl in the anna nicole smith bathtub lesbian scene?
porn : anna nicole smith lesbian bath tub scene
Anna Nicole is hot! thats whats up! lol
POLL: do you think am a lesbian sitting in a bathtub with 2 other girls?
No but I think the boy is very lucky.
Do you think equal treatment of Gays and Lesbians is "not a civil rights issue":?
Oct 1998 - Gay college student is pistol-whipped, tortured, crucified and left bleeding on a fence post by two Christian Republican Men - their girlfriends conspired to provide alibis:…

Feb 2004 - 5 Gay Men are murdered in Durham, North Carolina after meeting their attackers on and Durham police refuse that the murders are connected or that they are hate-crimes:…

Sep 2005 - White man in Florida beats, strangles and murders gay accountant and leaves him in bathtub, takes car and credit cards:…

Feb 2006 - Two White, Straight Men stalk and murder the gay author/comic who created "Curious George":…

Mar 2006 - Chicago Man finds out wife is Lesbian and runs over her 3 times with his SUV:…

Apr 2007 - Christian Sheriff says that 23 y/o gay man who was stabbed 20 times and had throat slit must have been "driving around and looking to pick up the wrong people" even after it is revealed that victim was lured away by phone:…

Feb 2008 - 15 year-old California student is murdered by classmate for wearing a dress to school:…

Jul 2008 - Black Christian Lesbian in Maryland is shot and burned in her own home while her son is out of town:…

Sep 2008 - New Jersey police conspire to cover-up the sexual orientation and hate-crime status of 3 gay black men and 1 woman (the sister of 3rd victim) who were executed by point-blank gunshot against brick wall:…

Nov 2008 - Anti-gay Minister Fred Phelps plans travel to Canada to start protesting films about gay hate-crime victims - as soon as he's done protesting President Obama's grandmother's funeral:…
It is a Constitutional issue! In our Constitution, it is said that all men are created equal. We had to learn that lesson with Blacks and it was a monumental struggle that some people still do not accept. Now, it has sprung up again in the question of Gay Marriage!

How can we claim that all men are born equal, if we deny some men and women the right to marry, simply because many people feel it is sinful? They quote the Bible as calling homosexuality an abomination, yet they ignore other Biblical commands and say nothing about it. Either we have a Democracy that gives equal rights to each and every citizen, or we have a Farce which can place limitations on these rights?

Only criminal behavior should be banned. As a society, we have a responsibility toward each other (Love Thy Neighbor) and antisocial behavior must be corrected. Sexual behavior and what goes on in your bedroom or mine deserves personal privacy. You should not peek into mine and I have no right to monitor yours, unless our behavior involves rape or pedophilia and thus qualifies as antisocial behavior.

Gays should have equal rights in ALL areas of life in the United States, and so should every man, woman and guy that are citizens of this magnificent, though troubled, country..
Relationship troubles? Bathtub vs. Bed?? Which should I go with?
Ok, so I'm a lesbian. My bed and I have known each other for a loong time and have been dating about two years (we recently got into s*x). Anyway, I really love her alot and maybe we'll marry someday... But in the last three months there's been a problem. It's my bathtub. One day I was showering and she was just so seductive we couldnt help but start making out and kept doing so everyday. Now, though, we've been having s*x. I do it in the shower, but I only shower every other day and sometimes I just go in there and do it. I think my girlfriend (bed) found out and is gonna break up with me? Pleaaaase help!! Should I stick with my bed (cuz if I didnt we'd still be with each other nightly) or breakup and go for Bathtub?!?!?!?!?
What do you think of me killing myself?
I am very fat, huge boobs, lesbian "i think", ugly, and no social life at all. I want to either stab myself in the stomach on my bed, or drown myself in my bathtub. Oh yeah I am going to be naked when I die.
I don't think it's a good idea.
What do I have to do to ensure that my babby will become a lesbian?
because i really need to re-grout my bathtub
woohoo! finally, some excitement!
just soak your babby in soy sauce or apple cider. while sitting in your bath tub, make her watch a black and white film about tunas, cheese, and geese. but make sure the bath tub has been rehabilitated first. that's important. if you forget, the effects will backfire.
i really, really, really hope i helped!
Does anyone know the name of this short film?
Its about a teenager who's mom is a lesbian. The teenager ends up getting pregnant and she ends up having her baby in the bathtub or something. Then she puts the baby in a bag and puts it in the dumpster and the next morning when she goes back for her baby she cant find it and a homeless man ends up having the baby. Its a short film its like 15 minutes long. If anyone knows the name of it PLEASE let me know!
Are you sure you're not talking about what happens at every high school prom?
Mass media film project ideas and advice?
I'm a high school senior making a 15-25 minute film for my mass media project.

so far the story is..
A lesbian couple gets into a fight and breaks up. #1 turns to a boy right after the fight. #2 is hurt and falls into a life of depression and drugs seeing #1 rebound so quickly. While hallucinating on lsd, #2 sees #1 and they get along like nothing ever happened. #2 crashes from the trip and realizes non of it was real, she was never there and they're still broken up. She realizes she can not live without #1 and commits suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathtub. While her life is draining from her, she flashes back to happier times. She dies with the though of watching the sunset with #1.

The audience should realize that all couples go through the same issues despite their sexual orientation. Love is love.

i need ideas on:
why they fight in the first place? (did #1 find out #2 did drugs before? and if so, why does she turn to a boy right after?)
i need a climax and solution.
You can do this for school?? Wow, you have some liberal teachers & administrators.

(You can do this without the drugs, by the way)

If you have them feeling pressure from bigots, then they would fight because they probably don't have anyone else to turn to. The fight could start because #1 is tired of being picked on and facing discrimination, while #2 keeps saying they have the right to choose whomever and need to fight. That would make perfect sense for #1 to turn to a boy (to try to mask her feelings because of social pressure).

The climax could come when #2 gets picked on even more, as people start to blame her for "turning #1 lesbian." When #2 gets jumped in a bathroom or some other not-so-public area, and is left bleeding on the floor, #1 can find her and go through a second crisis, does she decide that this is exactly what she feared or that she now has a real reason to stand up - the love of #2.

Conclusion is up to you - do you want to send the message that people should speak out and stand up for what they believe (#1 helps initiate a Bi-Gay-Lesbian-Curious Alliance at school) or do you want to send the message that there are MANY people out there hiding their true feelings because of pig-headed bigots (she helps #2, but explains that she can't be with her & must supress her feelings until she finds a safer place - maybe even throw in a verbal jab that the administration does nothing to help curb the ignorance and hate - in this case, a very sad and somber ending).
Can you cure porn addiction?
Umm...Well, I spend several hours on the sites with Russian women alone and I guess some Lesbian web cameras in the bathtub. Just that kind of thing.

Is there are cure to this madness? It pretty much consumes my weekend. I'd watch TV or something but I can't take my eyes off of those Russian women.
1. ewwww!
2. quit cold turkey.

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